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For high-quality flooring of all kinds in Onalaska Wisconsin, choose our experts here at Carpets To Go today! Don’t let the name fool you—we proudly supply, service, and install all types of floors. Whether you have a small bedroom that needs an update, or a whole house that needs a transformation, here at Carpets To Go, we have you covered! Contact our flooring experts today!

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We partner with trusted flooring installation mechanics to install any type of flooring in your home. We would not send anyone in your home to install flooring that we would not want in our own home. Whether you are looking for a do-it-yourself project, or need full service installation, we have you covered!

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50% deposit for MATERIALS is due upon order. All materials must be paid in full prior to the installation date. Please check with Carpets To Go, Inc. for any change orders prior to paying invoice. Prior to ordering please ask about our special financing options to those who qualify.

Customer agrees that the independent contractor installer(s) is not an employee of Carpets To Go, Inc. and said installer(s) is solely responsible for any defective workmanship. damage, accidents, theft or untimeliness, and customer releases Carpets To Go, Inc. and holds Carpets To Go, Inc. harmless from any of these claims caused by the said independent contractor installer(s). As a courtesy, Carpets To Go, Inc. will provide an estimate of installation charges; however, installation charges will be billed by the independent contractor installer(s) and are to be paid directly to the independent contractor installer(s).
Unless paid in full, merchandise held by Carpets To Go, Inc. over 90 days will be placed in stock without refund to customer. Any cancellation is subject to a 20% service charge of total sale.
Absolutely NO returns on special orders. Approved returns are charged a 30% restocking fee plus shipping charges. Returns are only accepted within 30 days of date of purchase when approved.
Carpets To Go, Inc. and customers agree that any alteration or deviations from the contract involving extra cost become an extra charge over and above the amount herein agreed upon.
Customer agrees that Carpets To Go, Inc. shall retain title to all materials used under said agreement and a security interest herein, until total amount due under said agreement, including any interest and/or extra charges for alterations or deviations as herein provided, has been paid in full.
Warranty claims are handled per manufacturers guidelines. Carpets To Go, Inc. is not responsible for claims that are denied. Carpets To Go, Inc. will NOT pay for lost time and/or returns due to claims or other issues. Carpets To Go, Inc. is not responsible for any loss of time, inconveniences, expenses or other damages caused by or resulting from a problem about which a claim is made. Carpets To Go, Inc. is not liable for indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages of any kind, no matter what the cause.
A returned check fee, maximum allowed by law will be charged to customer if this were to occur.
1. Waterproof: Carpets To Go, Inc’s definition of “waterproof” is that the material itself is top down waterproof. If you have a flood or water damage it is likely the material will need to be removed and re-installed at buyers/owner’s expense. Please note the manufacturers definition of waterproof supersedes Carpets To Go, Inc’s definition.
2. HVAC, Water, and Power: Permanent heat and power must be on for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to installation. Maintaining proper humidity level is extremely important. Keeping humidity levels and ambient temperature in consistent range 365 days a year is critical. Subfloor joints can telegraph through new flooring if humidity and temperature are not properly maintained. **Please refer to manufacturer’s requirements for minimums and maximums. In-floor heat can only be turned up or down at a maximum of 5 degrees in 24-hour period.
3. Doors/Base: It is the responsibility of the owner(s) to fix doors if the new flooring makes them difficult to open/close. Note some installation technician(s) will cut doors for a fee. It is the responsibility of the owner(s) to check the proposed flooring to make sure doors open/close and casing, jamb, base will not have gaps or exposed paint lines. Again, it is NOT Carpets To Go, Inc’s responsibility to correct gaps under any doors/jambs/casing/base/etc. and please note there may be instances when base will not appear flat with flooring due to substrate.
4. Materials/Other: Carpets To Go, Inc. is not responsible for shortages resulting from measurements not obtained from Carpets To Go, Inc. Proposals are figured to cover all areas listed. (Overages/balances are property of Carpets To Go, Inc.) Owner(s) must save a minimum of 5% of material for Carpets To Go, Inc. to retain warranty on labor and materials. It is the installer(s) responsibility to confirm quantities. NO RETURNS ON SPECIAL ORDERS. Flushing floors up or down to meet another floor can be figured into a proposal but is not automatically figured into project.
5. New Paint or Wallpaper: Flooring is to be scheduled near the end of turnover date; ample time must be given for installation technicians to properly complete work and for Carpets To Go, Inc. to reorder material in case of a flaw or material issue. Lost time and/or missed move in date(s) are NOT billable claims that can be made against Carpets To Go, Inc. Note that touchup of base/paint is normal after installs (also note base will have holes/splits, imperfections after re-installation).
6. Scheduling: If you are removing your old flooring, we suggest waiting until your new flooring has arrived at Carpets To Go, Inc. Please take into consideration any upcoming events ( gathering/holiday) prior to scheduling installation due to unforeseen delays with arrival of materials or installation. Lost time and/or missed move in date(s) are NOT billable claims that can be made against Carpets To Go, Inc.
7. Maintenance of Floor; Vacuum compatibility is the responsibility of the owner. Proposal is assuming that the structure is suitable with flooring choice(s). All carpet must be professionally hot water extracted every 18 months or as needed to retain warranty. Use floor protectors under all furniture/décor. Use a mat under feet in front of frequently used chairs and as you enter the room, the carpet will wear and fuzz quickly in these areas. Never drag anything across your new floor coverings. Always use / min. thickness plywood to move your stove, refrigerator and other appliances. Caster wheeler and rollers can destroy your new flooring. The use of steam mops will void the flooring warranty. Always read and understand manufacturers maintenance and warranty information.
8. Seams: No seam is invisible. Just as with any material such as clothing, drapes, or upholstery seams are visible. Some carpets will hide seams better than others, each fabric has its own characteristics. Seam placement and the number of seams is a factor in determining the total material required. Please note lighting plays an important role in the visibility of seams. Also please note that no carpet is trackless. Footprints and vacuum marks are not considered a warranty issue. No claim can be made or honored for seeing tracks, marks, footprints, etc. in the flooring.
9. Floors: All floors may scratch or dent given the use of the floor. In some cases, a wood putty or stain marker can be used to mask small scratches and dents. This is an acceptable method of repair. Sunshine and lighting may have an effect on the color of aging floors. Rugs and furniture in the same place for long periods of time can cause this change in color. Moving furniture and rugs along with using window treatments will keep your floor well balanced. Loose laid carpets have NO WARRANTY. Maintaining relative humidity (RH) and temperatures per manufacturers specifications will ensure your flooring (especially wood type products) will stay tight, gap free and looking beautiful. 10. Animals/Pets: Please note that Carpets To Go, Inc. and the independent contractor installer(s) is not responsible for animals or pets. Any and all animals/pets must be in a safe location and safe distance away from the area of work and/or construction. Our goal is to ensure safety for your animals/pets as well as our independent contractor installer(s) throughout the entire process. Please note Carpets To Go, Inc. is not responsible for any animals or pets, this includes but is not limited to animals/pets escaping, entering into different rooms, leaving the premises, etc. We love our pets too!
By providing this information in advance of your installation, we can avoid misunderstandings or issues. If you have any questions concerning the above items, please don’t hesitate to contact Carpets To Go, Inc. prior to the installation. Thank you for placing your trust in our team.