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Here at Carpets To Go, we’ve made it our business and our passion to help you get the best floors possible for your home or business. In order to help serve you better, we have some simple ideas to help you figure out just how much material you need and at what price.

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1. Plan

Start with a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a tape measure. Draw a rough diagram of your room, taking care to sketch any closets, walls that may protrude out, steps, etc.

2. Measure

Using your tape measure, measure each of the areas you want floored, making sure to round up to the nearest inch. As you are getting the sizes, write them on the diagram. Make sure to measure the steps’ rise and run as well as count the number of steps.

3. Request

If you’d like a rough idea of how much material you will need per room (and the cost), we’ve provided a simple flooring estimator form below. Here, you will need the sizes that you have figured out per room, and the cost per foot of materials that you are looking at. You can also input the amount of materials you need and what your projected budget is to get a per square foot price.

4. Visiting

Lastly, come to Carpets To Go and we’ll figure out what you need as you browse our large selection of flooring!  

Installation Services

We partner with trusted flooring installation mechanics to install any type of flooring in your home. We would not send anyone in your home to install flooring that we would not want in our own home. Whether you are looking for a do-it-yourself project, or need full service installation, we have you covered!

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